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COVID-19 Updates

January 8 2021 WEEKLY Update

Weekly UPDATE January 8, 2021

 Solheim Employees, Residents, Family Members and Stakeholders
From: Meg Pierce, Senior Director of Healthcare Services

As I write this week’s update, Curative Care, the entity overseeing the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccinations, is on campus.  On January 5th, Curative Care informed us they were available to physically come to Solheim’s campus and provide Moderna-produced COVID-19 vaccinations to any interested Solheim staff members and residents. 

Needless to say, it’s a busy day on campus.  For those staff and residents who were not able to receive their vaccines today, they may schedule to receive it approximately 28 days from now, when Curative Care returns to administer the second dose to today’s recipients. 

Of course, notwithstanding Solheim’s cooperation with Curative Care to facilitate access to COVID-19 vaccination for the convenience of any and all interested Solheim staff and residents, interested staff and residents are completely free to obtain any COVID-19 vaccination, at any time, through any other provider or means that may become available to them in their individual capacity. Solheim staff and residents who are interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination are under no obligation to receive the Moderna-produced vaccine, or to choose to use Curative Care as their vaccine provider.

Linda Davies, RN (former Nurse Manager in Assisted Living, retired in 2014) will be joining Solheim’s team once again as our Interim Director of Residential Health and Wellness. Linda will oversee our Residential, Assisted Living and Memory Care Neighborhood, and will handle any questions you would have directed to Cho Maung.  We appreciate your patience during this transitional time and look forward to Linda Davies joining our team.

Solheim remains firmly committed to protecting the health and safety of our residents and staffPlease remember that everyone on campus will be required to maintain appropriate social distance measures and wear an appropriate facial mask at all times—and (as always) please don’t come at all if you are experiencing any symptoms of any illness!  

We have six (6) staff members (five (5) direct care and one (1) non direct care) in our Residential, Assisted Living and Halvorson Campus, two (2) residents in our Assisted Living Campus, and one (1) resident in our Health Center who have tested positive for COVID-19.  

Out of an abundance of caution, we have cancelled all communal dining, activities and indoor visits, and we have limited visitations to the hours of 10am to 4pm.  We strongly encourage outdoor visits or Facetime visits whenever possible.  Please reach out to Kathy Rust at if you have any questions, or need to schedule a call.   If you have any specific questions, please direct them to Tina Antypas at 323 257-7518 X225 or

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