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COVID-19 Updates

July 31, 2020 WEEKLY Update

July 31, 2020

To: Solheim Employees, Residents, Family Members and Stakeholders
From: Sam Oden, CEO of Solheim Senior Community   

We’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ here at Solheim this week—and not just from our recent earthquake and its aftershocks! (We’re all safe, and our residents seem to take everything in stride.  Not surprising, given that many are proud life-long Californians with many years of earthquakes under their belt who consider it just “another day”…).  We have so much to be thankful for.

Our residents have reported that they are thankful that we have resumed providing safe beauty and barbershop services in our Residential and Assisted Living campus.  We have at least 17 haircuts scheduled for next week!  Kathy Rust also continues to schedule video calls, and you can access our schedule at  Whenever I walk through campus and watch these calls in progress, I am pleased to see these interactions between our residents and their loved ones, and it drives home just how important our technology capabilities are—especially during challenging times like these. As I have mentioned in previous recent weekly updates, improving our on-campus technology remains one of our key initiatives.

It feels like summer has arrived, and we are grateful for our air conditioning and afternoon popsicles!  Our activities staff continue to provide refreshments, snacks, games and entertainment to our residents as appropriate during the morning and afternoon periods.  As we look ahead, we are actively working towards upgrading our open spaces—recognizing how vital being outdoors is (for both mental and physical health) during this pandemic. 

Although we are not yet able to open communal dining, residents continue to enjoy signature salads that are prepared fresh daily by Jennifer and Giselle in our dining department.  We are also blessed to have a caring staff that really know our residents—in many cases, to the point of knowing exactly what their specific food preferences are! 

We continue to offer virtual tours and accept new applications for residency in all areas of our campus. If you would like more information, please contact our Director of Sales, Lucy Laloyan, at 323 257 7518 X212 or

After 10 years of service, our Human Resources Director Sarah Keever is leaving Solheim as of August 14th. Sarah is moving on to a fantastic new opportunity, and we wish her the best. We are very appreciative for all of Sarah’s contributions to Solheim over the years. 

We are all very happy to report that, as of today, we have no known active positive COVID-19 cases among either our residents or our staff!  Regular testing continues for all staff, and we also offer regular testing to all residents in our community. 

Finally, we are tremendously thankful for all of your continued support.  You can always visit our website for more information at, but if you have any specific questions, please direct them to Tina Antypas at 323 257-7518 X225 or

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