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Wellness Approach

Wellness Approach

At Solheim we know that wellness goes far beyond just being “healthy”. 

True wellness integrates physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, and financial dimensions to create a meaningful live lived in vibrant color!  Whether it’s an exercise session in our beautifully-equipped wellness center to strengthen and tone your body, a lecture series to flex and grow your mind, or quiet time with one of our canine ambassadors to bolster your spirit, Solheim offers myriad opportunities to live a connected, purposeful and balanced life.

The calendar of opportunities changes regularly with new and exciting options such as:

  • Classes, lectures, and music
  • Chapel and multi-denominational services
  • Exercise and wellness center
  • Cultural outings to museums, theaters, lectures, musical concerts both locally and throughout Southern California
  • Social events such as games, dances, book club, dinners, and educational events
  • Volunteer options within the local community as well as on resident committees

  • Solheim’s approach: “Dimensions of Wellness” 
    • Physical:  exercises to decrease levels of depression, anxiety, stress
    • Emotional: healthy relationships with staff and other residents
    • Spiritual: strong connection with a Higher Power
    • Social: seeking connections that bring hope to our lives
    • Intellectual: exercising, strengthening and nurturing the brain as a muscle
    • Occupational: finding purposes for fulfillment

  • The Wellness Center is open five days a week for 4 hours each open day and it is monitored at all times by professionally trained staff who understand the challenges of seniors.  Our friendly Pneumatic machines are designed to keep muscles engaged throughout the entire range of motion, reducing the risk for injury. Our approach is based on the “Person Centered” theory in which residents take an active role in their exercise program.  We collaborate to set achievable goals that fit a resident’s physical level and goals.  This philosophy and approach continues into Skilled Nursing.  We also offer a walking program around the community.
  • What type of exercise does Solheim promote?
    • Aerobic exercises such as walking strengthen the heart and help with endurance.
    • Strength exercises using resistance machines build muscles and bone mass, help with balance and prevent falls.  It’s one of the best ways to avoid becoming fragile.
      • Flexibility exercises such as stretching and yoga increase range of motion, reduce stiffness and help with pain.

  • Exercise is the key to staying strong and energetic. Many researchers agree that small amounts of exercise (even 20 minutes a day), help with depression, stress, boost mood, sharpen brainpower, increase energy and enhance quality of life. The Wellness Program at Solheim is committed to help encourage and empower residents to maintain or improve fitness.   We offer an exercise class in the Chapel five days a week. Exercise classes are designed to improve:
    • Range of motion and gentle stretching by moving all muscle groups to promote more freedom of movement.
    • Strength with dumb bells and theraband to help build muscles and increase metabolism.
    • Coordination and balance activities to help independence and to avoid falls.

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