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Making a List and Checking it Twice! A Holiday Guide to Senior Gift Giving

A Holiday Guide to Senior Gift Giving

But what do you give to someone who already has everything? Even trickier, some of our favorite seniors have clearly said they don’t want anything. Still, we want to say “I love and value you” in a tangible way.

Never fear—the Holiday Guide to Senior Gift Giving is here. Some gifts are practical, others are splurges. Some can be wrapped in holiday paper, and others deliver joy every month. Each gift says “I love you” all year long.

The Gift of Good Food

Are you a good cook? Everyone loves a delicious home-cooked meal. Whip up several servings of your loved one’s favorite meal and freeze in portions for easy reheating. Give gift certificates to a favorite restaurant, market or food specialty shop. Make a custom gift certificate redeemable for a special meal at your house—maybe once, maybe once a month—with transportation included. Stop by with a gift basket of gourmet coffees and teas. Arrange a delivery-of-the-month: fresh fruit, cheeses, and pastries are always welcome.

The Gift of Sound Sleep

Many of us have trouble sleeping. Sleep sound machines provide a selection of calming Nature sounds to soothe your loved one into a peaceful slumber. Weighted blankets are scientifically proven to relieve anxiety and promote restorative sleep. Beautifully soft organic pillow cases feel luxurious and make bedtime a pleasure.

The Gift of Budget-Stretching

Fixed budgets are always tight. To give your favorite senior some financial breathing room, pay the monthly fee for their newspaper subscription, cable bill or Internet service. Hire a bi-monthly housekeeper to help with cleaning. Ask the gardener to forward the monthly bill to you. Pick up the monthly phone bill. Take your loved one’s car to the car wash for a monthly wash and wax, or splurge on a full detailing. Many essential services provide gift certificates. Give a certificate for the vet or pet food store, the hairdresser or barber, or a favorite taxi service.

Entertaining Gifts

Many seniors enjoy watching movies at home, but have trouble with hearing loss. TV listening headsets are lightweight, wireless and work like a dream, allowing your senior to hear every word at a comfortable volume. Subscribe your senior to Amazon Prime, Netflix or another streaming service for endless home viewing options. Then teach them how to use it! Plan an evening out: invite your friend, neighbor or family member to the theater or symphony. A membership to a local museum like LACMA offers loads of special benefits while supporting the arts. Make a day of it!

The Gift of Connection

Fill a new phone book filled with clearly-written phone numbers of family and friends. Pair it with an easy-to-use telephone. Are you technologically proficient and very patient? Sit down with your senior and give them computer lessons. As many as they need. Or hire a local genius to do it. Regularly upgrade their phone, tablet and computer. Buy your senior a smartphone with large buttons and a simplified menu. Pre-pay it and pre-load it with phone numbers of family and friends. Then call them on it, frequently.

The Gift of Companionship

Invite yourself over to your senior’s place. Show up with coffee and cookies and just hang out. Invite your favorite seniors over to your place. Play cards, do a puzzle, play with the dog. Or just talk. Just be there, together. Call out of the blue. Drop by and offer to run errands together. Visit on a regular basis. How often? Often enough that it’s a casual pleasure for both of you.

The Gift of Peace of Mind

Solheim Senior Community gives every resident the solid security of knowing they will always have a home at Solheim, no matter what their financial situation. Increasingly, many seniors do outlive their personal financial resources. Charitable Care makes it possible for all residents to remain in the home they know and love.

Your generous donations allow Solheim Senior Community to provide over $600,000 annually in Charitable Care. We expect this need to double in the next ten years. Thank you, in advance, for your generous, tax-deductible gift to Solheim Senior Community’s Charitable Care Fund. Every gift—in any amount—makes an immediate difference.

For information on more ways to give, please call Tina Antypas at 323-257-7518 or email

From Solheim Senior Community, Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good gift!

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