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    Join us for a gala celebration on November 10, 2018 in the Chandelier Room at Santa Anita Park from 6:00 -10:00 pm.   Read More

  • Making a List and Checking it Twice! A Holiday Guide to Senior Gift Giving

    Holiday gift buying can be tricky. We want to give a gift that expresses our love and caring. A gift that’s meaningful and memorable. We want to make our friend, neighbor, or family member happy.   Read More

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    How To Be a Philanthropist in Three Easy Steps: November 15 is National Philanthropy Day.

    Philanthropy: sounds awesome, doesn’t it? We tell ourselves we’ll definitely be philanthropists when we grow up, or when our ship comes in, or when we retire.   Read More

  • Thank You for Supporting the Solheim Soiree - Art Salon & Auction

    Solheim is so grateful to all those who attended and supported the Solheim Soirée: Art Salon and Auction on May 20th. The event was a great success, enabling Solheim to enrich the quality of life of our seniors and their families.   Read More

  • Giving The Best Gift of All—Our Selves

    In December gift giving is on everyone’s mind. We run around like crazy people driving, parking, shopping, buying, wrapping, sending. We’re determined to find great gifts for those we love and good-enough gifts for those we like and the whole endeavor can be stressful enough to drain the joy from the most festive occasion.   Read More

  • Paul Jacques’ 23 Favorite Things About Solheim

    Paul Jacques is over-the-moon thrilled to be an active member of the Solheim Lutheran Home family. He’s thrilled that his mom, Rita, is a two-year resident of Solheim, where she’s never been happier. He’s proud to sit on Solheim’s Board of Directors (In Oc   Read More

  • Love or Fear?

    For some of us on the Seven-Day Mental Diet (the topic of May’s blog), a whole slew of feelings, positive and negative, have been popping up. These feelings all fall into two separate categories: Love or Fear.   Read More

  • The Seven-Day Mental Diet

    Whatever our age, we feel better when we eat healthy, nutritious food. We also feel better—happier, healthier, more alive—when we entertain positive, productive thoughts.

    But sometimes our thoughts get away from us and we get stuck in a downward mental spiral. That’s when we need a mental reboot.   Read More

  • In Praise of Mothers!

    Every day, mothers put their children’s needs above their own. Mothers do an enormous job, an essential job, a job that deserves heartfelt hoopla.
    So here, in celebration of Mother’s Day, are some accolades for, by and about mothers.   Read More

  • Forgiveness: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

    It’s Spring! Time to clean out those closets, vacuum under the rugs and take a broom to the garage. Spring is also a fine time to clear our hearts of dusty grudges and outmoded resentments. It’s the season for forgiveness—a Spring cleaning for the soul!   Read More

  • Spring Cleaning for Seniors!

    Now that spring is in full bloom, spring cleaning often becomes a way to mark the season. At Solheim Lutheran Home, our seniors have some tips if you are preparing to help your older loved one get their place clean and in order this spring!   Read More

  • THANKSgiving!

    It’s often said that the single most powerful prayer is Thank You. Thank You, God, for my life. Thank You for my blessings. Thank You for what I’ve been given, and Thank You for all I have to give.

    Gratitude is a truly wonderful feeling. What feels even better? Making gratitude an action. Then the blessings flow like crazy, from you and to you.   Read More

  • Solheim Receives Surprise Gift of Over $1 Million

    Imagine being in charge of Solheim’s fundraising and out of the blue you get a call informing you that a past donor has left you $1.2 million in his will, the largest gift in Solheim’s 90-year history! Then you learn that the donor never stayed at Solheim or even had a family member stay here. You’d probably be looking around the room to see if you’re on Candid Camera. How did this miraculous blessing happen?   Read More

  • Alonso Hernandez has kept Solheim gardens beautiful for 17 years!

    Solheim Lutheran Home is so much more than bricks and mortar... a wonderful, caring, senior community in Eagle Rock since 1923, where many employees have served more than a decade. Alonso Hernandez has made our gardens happy for 17 years.   Read More

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