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Board Members

Carol Peters, Esq

Carol Peters, Esq. 

Carol Peters, Esq.

Board Member

An attorney at Carol A. Peters Law Offices Pasadena, whose practice is focused on elder law, including estate-planning and bioethics decisions for wills, trusts and nominations for those who can plan ahead; conservatorship petitions and administration for those unable to plan ahead; probate; and litigation. Ms. Peters has more than 40 years of experience as an attorney, plus 11 years of experience making and implementing eligibility determinations for LA County’s D.P.S.S. and the LA County Board of Supervisors. She serves as a consultant to other lawyers regarding Medi-Cal eligibility and case plan options/management. She also serves as an expert witness on Medi-Cal eligibility issues when needed by civil litigation counsel for financial abuse matters. Ms. Peters was the November 2001 attorney referred to in People v. Cooper (2007) 148 CA4th 731 appeal by DA Steve Cooley, which resulted in the elder abuse exception to SCOTUS’ Crawford v. Washington (2004) 541 U.S. 26 bar of admitting videotapes of the deceased Victim/Witness in a criminal prosecution. She is a member of the Pasadena Bar Association, the Los Angeles Bar Association and the State Bar of California.  She earned her B.A. (English Lit.) degree from Pomona College and her J.D. degree from Whittier College/ Beverly School of Law.  

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